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A Free Information System to Help Fight COVID-19 provides information and educational materials on COVID-19 prevention. Intended for public institutions, companies and private persons. Just download, send or print. Free.

At, you can download free information, including, but not limited to, why social distance matters, how to shop safely, how to properly use a mask, or how to put on and take off disposable protective gloves. The materials are designed based on proven sources including WHO and the Ministry of Health. The goal of the project is to minimize COVID-19 incidence in the world through information and education.

The tool was created for people responsible for the functioning of public and private organizations, production plants, factories and shops. It is a comprehensive OHS system for COVID-19 developed by Charles Kasprzak and Rio Creativo. The first implementation of the system took place at the food processing factory Milarex Sp. z o.o. in Słupsk (Poland). Other organizations are using it.

Information about the platform is in the hands of the most important people managing public life in Poland. Soon the campaign will be translated into other languages ​​and will reach the most important public and private organizations in the world.

“As a global community, we must return to a normal life as soon as possible. We must enable our economies to function. Institutions and companies that are closed must immediately return to activity. can help with this.” said Charles Kasprzak, founder of the platform.

Every day, large numbers of people gather in many places around the world. This promotes the spread of the virus. The only way to protect us is through preventive measures. The most important of them is education.

“ has developed and implemented several dozen graphics and pictograms, but also, for example, coloring books for children bored of being at home. You need to take care of your community. With the help of the system you can create a complete set of information on the prevention of COVID-19. Work on additional materials is ongoing.” – commented Marcin Zgórski and Marek Guziński from branding studio Rio Creativo.

Reality has changed. The COVID-19 situation will last. The direction in which the world will go remains uncertain. It is a moment to promote key behavioral patterns so that as many people as possible can live peacefully, perform their duties, work and emerge out of this extraordinary situation unharmed.

Charles Kasprzak is the founder of, a specialist in visual communication and a member of the board of the seafood processing company Milarex Sp. z o.o.

Rio Creativo is a design studio focused on brand development, specializing in visual communication of institutions, products and places. Rio Creativo creates in Słupsk, Poland.

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Charles Kasprzak
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Marcin Zgórski
Co-founder Rio Creativo
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