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The COVID-19 situation will last. For long lasting prints we suggest to use expanded PVC boards or other professional materials.

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Are the materials free of charge?

All materials are free of charge. Our goal is to help whole communities, public and private organisations, entrepreneurs, employees and their families.

Please do not modify the graphics, as this is the intellectual property of the authors; for more information click here


What size should the materials be?

When selecting materials, you should focus on legibility, safety and easy installation. Always choose the largest practical print format. In our case, dimensions of boards to be mounted were minimum A3 to A0.


What materials should be used for production?

PVC boards are excellent. They are a cheap, widely available and durable material. Boards can be cut to any format, drilled and glued indoors and outdoors, including food manufacturing plants.

We also used film for wrapping (e.g. announcements on buses) and, of course, paper for leaflets as well as emails, a good means of distribution into homes.


Where to put messages?

Choose locations in which people frequent. Suitable spots are: main entrances, social rooms, bathrooms, hallways, production sites. Every person has to understand the rules as soon as possible. Remember size matters when it comes to visibility.

With emails or leaflets you can take care of communities.


Support local business!

Outsource printing to local companies, giving them a chance to continue operations during the recession. If you have any doubts related to materials or assembly – seek advice from your local printing house. They will certainly provide you with comprehensive information on the printing options available and will be grateful for any order.

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